100 posts: in retrospect

I did nothing for the blog’s 1 year anniversary, nor did I wrote any yearly summary or anything  like that but hey, I’m at 100 posts now! Can’t miss that too, can I?

First thing first, writing in English is as tiresome as it was when I started the whole thing. If I keep my posts on the short side most of the time, that’s mainly because I’m not that comfortable or feeling much confident about my writing. On the good side, that stops me from rambling except for the rare occasion (like now!).

Second thing second, I have noticeably slowed down these last few months. One major reason for that comes from this sickness-inducing, depressing, exhausting, fucking frigid winter… Another reason, a bit more trivial, takes the form of a very addictive tactical computer game called Battle Brothers. I may write a post about it. Fortunately (for this blog and my free time), after sinking in nearly 300 hours and losing countless of my poor, short-living virtual companions, I’m almost through the campaign and I’ll be free from computer gaming for a while. Free, you hear me!!!

Thats not a blog, its a dump!

Okay now, let’s give it some order.

Fake history/Boring DM stuff

Early on I’ve decided to focus the world-building on just one city.  So my first efforts went to establish some mythic foundation of the city, with the Last Emperor as its central figure. It’s this larger than life character’s will that explain a lot of the unusual/cultural features of the city.

Street Gangs, lot of them

Nineteen! And they all have something specific in a “gotta catch them all” kinda way. I like this. And the twentieth… will be the players’ own gang! That makes for a lot of factions, all in one district. But they each occupy only a part of the district and they won’t be all at each other’s throats. Figuring who’s allied with whom, and which are more dangerous in the short-term, will be a big part of what the players have to figure early on the campaign.

Fantasy races

Mostly done. I have to work on the mechanics of the racial traits which I kept, for the moment, at the bare minimum. Also, I’m flirting with idea of adding some more races. Gargoyles? Why not. I’d like some urban Satyrs or even Mermen! We’ll see.

Character classes

Mostly done. It’s more of a matter of selecting of what is a good fit for S&T, and what’s not. Re-flavoring a barbarian (berserker) into a hooligan is easy, after all. I have to skim the content of the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, most of it won’t match but some, like the inquisitive rogue? Perfect match.

Drugs, tattoos, tobacco as magic items

That’s cool stuff I think. Distinctive. I still have to check for the inevitable balancing issues though.


It’s fun to do. Again, most of the monsters won’t be used in my campaign. Those that will though… They’ll make an impression, I guarantee it!

To do list

It’s notably shorter, That’s encouraging!

  • Locations. I did a piece on taverns and dives of the district. I need to do a lot more. And a map. Gosh, that won’t be easy.
  • Npcs. The players need to feel that their characters have a solid connection with the district. That’s got to be established with roleplaying. The part of the players is working on their character’s backstory. Mine is through npcs and their links with the PCs.
  • Notice board. I like the idea of having “quests” out in the open. I need many, many notices.

Actual Play

After exactly thirty sessions, we are on the verge of a grand Finale with my Divine Council campaign. The PCs have reached level 20 last session, according to my plan. That has been possible only because I’ve sped things up considerably since when we converted the characters from pathfinder to 5E D&D. One level per session from the 11th level. Things were a bit hectic keeping up with the avalanche of powers. In particular, until the very last few sessions I was rarely able to offer suitable challenge in battles. Many times, an annoying Wall of Force or (any) enchantment spells have wrecked my not-so-well-thought battle plans. At least, I’ve learned, we’ve learned, let’s hope, how 5E works.

As for my next campaign. My precious S&T campaign whom I devoted so much preparations, well… In a few months?

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