Updated list of character subclasses for S&T

Now including XGtE and SCAG.

Barbarian, path

  • of the berserker
  • of the ancestal guardian
  • of the battlerager

Bard, college

  • of lore
  • of valor

Cleric: none

Druid: none

Fighter, martial archetypes

  • champion
  • battlemaster
  • eldritch knight (elves only)
  • arcane archer (halflings only, with pistols)
  • samurai

Monk, way

  • of the open hand
  • of shadow
  • of the four elements
  • of the drunken master
  • of the sun soul
  • of the long death

Paladin, oath

  • of redemption

Ranger, archetype

  • hunter
  • gloom stalker
  • monster slayer

Rogue, archetype

  • thief
  • arcane trickster
  • inquisitive
  • mastermind

Sorcerer: none

Warlock: none

Wizard : none


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