Next: Tomb of Annihilation

My Divine Council campaign has come to a conclusion. In the final fight, the party has slain the tarrasque (beast of the apocalypse) with ridiculous ease, in a mere 5 rounds. Dragomir’s messianic plan unfolds, magic is forever banished from the world. And so it ends.

Unfortunately, my next homebrewed thing, the focus of this blog, isn’t ready. So in the meanwhile I’m inclined to run something easier, like a published adventure module. I’ve opted for Tomb of Annihilation as it looks like the less vanilla of the official 5e products.


Now, I know that my tastes aren’t universal, but damn… some of it is just plain sloppy design. It can be salvaged. It’s not all bad. But it’s not the effortless endeavor I had, maybe naively, tought it would be. More on it next time…

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