X- Bestiary: Doppelgänger

The Bestiary: where I take monsters from the manual and explain them my way… (1)


In the aftermath of the Sycophants’ Plot, the trials (read gruesome torture) showed to the world the existence of the doppelgängers. The monsters had slowly replaced most of the entourage of the Last Emperor, leading to many damaging decisions in the City, as the Ruler hadn’t received wise counsel for quite some time.

While incapable of good counsel and not incredibly intelligent, the doppelgängers are crafty creatures in their own way. Here’s what we know about them:

  • They’re capable of great bursts of activity (all very inefficient) if it helps them sit on their asses afterward.
  • They never acknowledge failure but are quick to point the finger at someone else.
  • They also excel at not being there.
  • They can’t decide anything, ever, but will gladly takes credit for someone else’s idea/action.
  • They don’t take part in any kind of debate, they have no opinions whatsoever, unless they can flatter some higher-up.

When you see all this, you can bet that you are not dealing with a human being, oh no, could anyone be so absolutely obnoxious? No no no. No! These shapeshifting, two-faced, selfish scumbags are mediocre at best at everything EXCEPT at finding themselves a perfectly parasitic way of life. They’ll bully or suck-up, cajole and accuse, murder even, all in order to obtain the most while doing the less (2).


  1. This one I dedicate to all the spineless fucks that, I wish, weren’t simply sad specimen of humanity.
  2. Doppelgängers kill people and steal their life, how come they are Neutral in the MM 5E? I say they are Lazy Evil.

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