If I had Infinite Time – III: Birthright and Ogre Battle

I have this idea of mixing these two epic games that I liked way back, one into the other. A D&D campaign with the birthright setting, but with an ogre battle: march of the black queen storyline pastiche. Basically, that means that instead of ruling a domain as per standard birthright rules, the PCs start on the fringe of an evil empire and will take command of the Liberation Army.

Map - Cerilia - Complete Detailed v1_0

The Liberation, whichever form it would take, would be one big adventure and the domain “actions” would be resolved approximately  through the events that occurs and actions and choices of the PCs.


They will find plenty of would-be allies and vassals along the way. Some less savory than others…


And some hard choices to make.

images (1)

Birthright/Ogre battle must-have features

  • awnsheglien (abominations)
  • bloodlines (and “highlander” bloodtheft shtick)
  • tarot cards = domain spells
  • alignment system: many dilemmas
  • alignment system: day and night strength fluctuation
  • random encounters sometimes lead to recruiting

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