If I had Infinite Time – III: Birthright and Ogre Battle

I have this idea of mixing these two epic games that I liked way back, one into the other. A D&D campaign with the birthright setting, but with an ogre battle: march of the black queen storyline pastiche. Basically, that means that instead of ruling a domain as per standard birthright rules, the PCs start on the fringe of an evil empire and will take command of the Liberation Army.

Map - Cerilia - Complete Detailed v1_0

The Liberation, whichever form it would take, would be one big adventure and the domain « actions » would be resolved approximately  through the events that occurs and actions and choices of the PCs.


They will find plenty of would-be allies and vassals along the way. Some less savory than others…


And some hard choices to make.

images (1)

Birthright/Ogre battle must-have features

  • awnsheglien (abominations)
  • bloodlines (and « highlander » bloodtheft shtick)
  • tarot cards = domain spells
  • alignment system: many dilemmas
  • alignment system: day and night strength fluctuation
  • random encounters sometimes lead to recruiting

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