Dark Eden


I’m not much into reviewing on this blog, even if I read tons of books, but I’m making an exception for this one…

It’s just… perfect.

Even more, it’s perfect perfect

And that’s coming from a nitpicky bastard like myself.

On the alien, sunless planet they call Eden, the 532 members of the Family take shelter beneath the light and warmth of the Forest’s lantern trees. Beyond the Forest lie the mountains of the Snowy Dark and a cold so bitter and a night so profound that no man has ever crossed it.

The Oldest among the Family recount legends of a world where light came from the sky, where men and women made boats that could cross the stars. These ships brought us here, the Oldest say—and the Family must only wait for the travelers to return.

But young John Redlantern will break the laws of Eden, shatter the Family and change history. He will abandon the old ways, venture into the Dark . . . and discover the truth about their world.

The alien world truly feels alien. I mean, the humans are doing good, even if they’re so few and ill-equiped, not just surviving but thriving somehow, yet there’s something truly disturbing about this imaginary sunless planet where the six-legged animals don’t bleed red.

And what I like the most is the myth-building throughout the novel. It reminded me of the lost children in mad max-thunderdome or the backstory of the pandorum movie or again, of Joseph Campbell’s Hero with the Thousand Faces.

Amazing stuff. Highly recommended.

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