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This blog is about my new D&D 5e setting: Streets in Turmoil (SiT).

It’s for me, my players and friends and whoever might be interested

I’ve not yet found an efficient way to describe SiT. Some may think it’s a bad sign. It’s definitely not urban fantasy, even if separately, urban and fantasy both apply.

Well, here’s  some concepts I’m focusing on:

  • low magic
  • one city only
  • flavorful districts
  • gangland
  • PCs fighting for their community
  • drugs with special powers (and drawbacks)
  • beholders as police
  • graffitis
  • magic tattoos
  • fantasy mafias
  • martial arts

Also, I’ve decided early on that I won’t talk about anything else on this blog. No books, movies, personnal stuff, unless it has meaningful influence on this setting I’m creating. So, yeah, I’m aware I won’t attract a crowd over here.

Actual play will start in 2018!