This blog is mainly about my new D&D 5e setting: Streets in Turmoil (S&T). I’m writing down my ideas, some of them I’ll even keep!

Sometimes I reminisce too.

So what is S&T? Superficially it’s a beat’ em up D&D setting where the players have to fight waves of gang thugs (instead of orcs or whatnot). But in my mind it’s deeper than that, it’s about anarchy or how to be free. And sometimes, sadly,  the best answer is violence…

Well, here’s  some concepts I’m focusing on:

  • low magic
  • one city only
  • flavorful districts
  • gangland
  • PCs fighting for their community
  • drugs with special powers
  • beholders as police
  • graffitis
  • magic tattoos
  • martial arts

Actual play will start in 2018!