Fate’s Favorites

They always seem to have the upper hand against their rivals. Is Fate really on their side, as they claim?

The Fate’s Favorites’ members can be recognized by the blue feathers they wear on their yellow bandanas. About half of its members are hobgoblins,

A minor clique of the Hydra before the latter’s demise,  the Fate’s Favorites are now clearly on the rise and are attracting new recruits every day.



After beating down a few rival gangs and making some alliances, the Fate’s Favorites are indeed in a favorable position. Recruitment is going well and a  clique (the Inheritors) has been started to test the mettle of the newish prospects.

Gang activities

  • extortion
  • protection racket
  • intimidation
  • prostitution
  • augury services

Most noteworthy members

Udulkalam the Magnificient (leader, hobgoblin male):


The eccentric leader of the Fate’s Favorites have known many shifts in fortune in his life. Worshipped as a hero at a time and hunted by virtually everyone at another, he’s always been a controversial figure. A rival once said that Udulkalam has two personalities – both of them evil. Now, his star is shining brightly yet again. But for how long?

Sigamil “The Stare” (hobgoblin male)


Udulkalam’s younger brother, Sigamil had have his life pretty much decided for him since his youth. Not that he minds, but it did give him a very unconcerned approach to… well, everything.

Haradlugal “Most Opportune” (hobgoblin male)


Udulkalam’s nephew, Haradlugal made sure since the beginning that he does not look like he’s benefited in any way from his lineage. His usefulness to the gang as been proven time and time again, with jobs mostly on the dirty side of morality.

Loom To’har “Inconvenient Truth” (dwarf)


Equally dangerous with his hands and wits, Loom To’har is a long-time associated of Udulkalam and an expert blackmailer. He often boasts that his threats are never empty.

Yaadida “Serene Bloodshed” (hobgoblin female)


Serene Bloodshed Yaadida long tought that she would have been happier being born a male, or more precisely: a big hulking brute of a male. But having beating to pulp quite a few of those overconfindent fools have changed her mind on the subject…



The Scramble

 Weak but numerous. Hit-and-run experts. Vicious. Expendables. Yeah, well… Goblins!

The Scramble was first created as a cooperative of lowly Goblins courriers, running around the district with their packages, trying to make it in one piece. The Hydra gang came to rely on the Scramblers as it began its downward spiral and thus could not properly do its drug distribution itself.



The Hydra’s demise sort of left the Scramble pretty much in control of a large share of the drug market. Of course the other gangs would like a slice of the pie, but they’ll have to catch the fleet-footed Goblins first!

Gang activities

  • drug-selling
  • courriers


Most noteworthy members

Brudok “No Refund” (leader) 

“No Refund” is probably the most well-known Goblin of the district. Influential Goblins are not that common and “No Refund” is the real deal. From uniting these ragamuffins in a competent, money-making crew, to creating a (mostly) respected gang of Goblins, “No Refund” is a hero in the eyes of his underlings.

Zeegak “The Expeditious Knock-Out”

Zeegak is now infamous for his boldness. His favorite tactic is to activate his expeditious retreat tattoo spell to attack full-speed a surprised foe.

Gorool “Wall-Passer”

The number two of the Scramblers is the cautious and stealthy Gorool Wall-Passer. He’s also the primary envoy for major deals.

Nikuk “Death by Darts”

“Death by Darts” is the chief-enforcer of the Scramblers, when fleeing is not an option.

Pravik “Third Hand”

A prankster and bon-vivant, Third-Hand is nonetheless one of the most competent Scrambler. His ability to fool others wiht his creative illusions have saved the skins of his fellow gangsters in more than one occasion.

The Church of Sempiternal Deprecation

Calling itself a church but in fact, as violence-oriented as any hoodlums’ gang.

Founded by a small cabal of people calling themselves “the Guiltless Ones”, the church has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Its talk of a Golden Age lost through sinful behaviors resonate with many in these times of turmoil.

The symbolic (and powerless) head of the Church, the Burdened Pope,  is the unfortunate bearer of the Mantle of Thousand Unequally Despicable Sins, the Tiara of Probable Culpability, the Staff of Manifest Imperfection and the Ring of Ulcer-Inducing Guilt.



The Church spy extensively on some suspicious (suspicious being often conveniently synonym with antagonism toward the Church or its leaders) figures of the Disctrict to see if they’re “clean”. If they’re not (they never are), it’s the religious duty of the Church to have them publicly chastised (savagely beaten). It’s good for the soul of the accused, they say.

Deprecation Ceremonies are held once a week in the form of a raucous assembly of Deprecators “praying”,  shouting really accusations at each other about the various faults they’ve committed in the past. It is considered extremely  rude behavior (heretical) for the attendees to deny any of it, even if what is said isn’t entirely true (or just plain false).

Gang activities

  • Intimidation (preaching)
  • Extortion (almsgiving)
  • Rallies
  • Pamphleteering

Noteworthy Members

(Guiltless Ones)

Confessor Vestalia  (leader, tiefling female)


The guiltless ones are supposed to be equals but in fact, everybody knows that Confessor Vestalia pulls all the strings. The ultra-charismatic Tiefling has a way with people for sure, very few can resist her, whether she cajoles or subtly threatens.

Menhagash Ugradior the Vicar (elf male)


A former troupe actor, Menhagash certainly knows how to use inspiring speeches and theatrics to great effects. Frail and cowardly, he’s always accompanied by mean-looking bodyguards.

Râ “Golden Râ” Fomar (dwarf)


Golden Râ, a business-savvy dwarf, has helped kickstart the Church with his funds. Some cynical souls have pointed out that it seemed to have paid off: many of his direct competitors have been the target of the church’s slandering (and worse) since then.

Jogmun the Pamphleteer (human male)


Jogmun, helped with little army of scribes, writes incendiary pamphlets denouncing the general decadence of the time and accusing various people who have attracted the church’s displeasure.

Soulknife Seth (human male)


When mere words doesn’t seem enough, Soulknife Seth and his thugs come into play. Brutality ensues.



The Fetid Brigade

Pure. Undiluted. STENCH!



The Fetids come out of their lair in the sewers only to raid or harass surface people. Sometimes they bring some of the awful critters that they somehow domesticated while living below.

Gang activities

  • Intimidation and extortion (doing mayhem until receiving enough tribute)
  • Kidnapping for ransom (or sometimes for a more sinister reason)
  • Theft


Noteworthy members

Zum Zabar “Superintendent of Below” (leader, dwarf)

Zum Zabar began his career as an exterminator. He was desperate and reckless enough to go in the sewers to kill or chase off some lurking things down there. After surviving long enough, against the odds, Zum Zabar finally understood that there was easier and more profitable ways of using his special skills. Decades later he now rules over a large chunk of the underground as the self-styled “superintendent”.

Lamahanuh “The Ooze Lady” (human)

Abused in all sort of evil ways in her youth, Lamahanuh is very suspicious of anything that looks like a human being. She prefers oozes.  Just look at the way they move their acid-dripping pseudopods. Oozes are the cutest things ever, aren’t they?

Klomo “the Alcolizer” (goblin)

Fluids everywhere, that’s the resource that an enterprising soul like Klomo can exploit down in the sewers. The “Alcolizer” infamously made the “most disgusting liquor tis side of the world”. But it’s really cheap. And it doesn’t have any side-effects, half the time…

Trashcrawler (ghoul)

You know, covered in grime, most people look like a ghoul anyway. That’s unless you compare them to Trashcrawler. Let’s say, he/she is an entirely different level all by him/herself.

Dedalos “Underminer” Slominid (tiefling)

A long time accomplice of Zum Zabar, Dedalos came up with the idea of causing an infestation and then asking for money to solve the situation. Accordingly, Dedalos is an expert when it comes to know which tunnel is under which housing.

The Retribution’s Hooks

They say that the Retribution put the first nail in the Great Hydra Gang’s coffin. It succeed with what was then the unthinkable, rolling back the dominant gang out of a few sub-precincts of the Harlequin district.

Butchers turned vigilantes, they banded together for the cause. Before they went bad. Their willingness to employ every means was both their path to success and the seed of their downfall, leading to their present moral bankruptcy. Their signature feat, a cruel habit of hanging their opponents where all could see with meat hooks is how they got their name.



The Hooks have forgotten all pretense of fighting for the purpose of delivering justice. They’re gangbangers themselves now and they’re more brutal than most. Also, the Hooks never possessed business interests like some other gangs have. What they’re good at is scare tactics and extorting money from others. Their main goal is to be at the top of the pecking order, so all the neighboring gangs pay tribute money to them.

Gang Activities

  • extortion (++)
  • gang warfare
  • gratuitous and contract intimidation
  • contract murder


Most noteworthy members

Leader: White Apron (human male): White Apron is the closest thing to a leader that the loosely associated Hooks have. He always sports a white apron and it’s said that he’s not happy at the end of the day if he has not added a few bloody smears on it. The laundresses hate him fiercely.

The Black Hook (human male): The only contact of “The Black Hook” with the gang is with White Apron and he’s called upon only when an extremely lucrative murder demand has been asked. The Sanction would love to catch him, as he’s rumored to have dozens of kills.

Pulley Puruk (goblin male): The small goblin wanted to be part of the fun and was made a member of the gang after he showed that he could lift a fat guy “by himself” using a pulley of his own design.

Ribs (hobgoblin male): At the wrong end of a hook (he was an Hydra at the time), Ribs switched side, having impressed his tormentors with his toughness. He says to anyone who cares that this should be the usual entry “fee”, even though that cost him a few ribs.

Solmarro (human male): A bit obtuse, proud Solmarro still sees himself as a vigilante, protecting his community, delivering much-needed justice and such. He’s not entirely delusional, he’s just not ready yet to turn against his fellow Hooks.

The Sons of Arson

Since the recent implosion of the mighty Hydra Gang, once the most dominating gang of the Harlequin district, a myriad of lesser groups have emerged from the festering many-headed corpse.



When they’re not in the streets or doing some intimidation job, the Sons of Arson can be found at the Black Teeth’s dive. They’re not really arsonists, despite their name, that’s more like a boast, but they do like to play with fire.

Gang Activities

  • contract intimidation/beating
  • loan sharking
  • several street peddlers gives %
  • extortion
  • some drug-selling
  • Black Teeth dive

Most noteworthy members


Leader: Inferno Tobalo (human male): Inferno Tobalo was a high-ranking Hydra gangster, a Mawcaptain. When the Hydra so spectacularly collapsed, he had hoped to attract many followers to his own newly created gang: The Sons of Arson. His reputation would have ensured just that, but before he could strenghten his following, he was shot several times and left for dead by dangerous thugs from he Broken Wheel Syndicate and left lingering at death’s threshold for days. Now that he’s more or less healed (and owing a big favor to a surgeon) and back in the streets, he doesn’t intend to submit. But then, he’s not too eager to die either. He knows he needs allies…


Mimi-Sue (halfling female): The only female of the gang, Mimi-Sue is beloved by all her fellow Sons. She’s kind of the mascot. She hates the halflings of the Broken Wheel with a passion, for reasons she doesn’t share. She has her four “lovers” with her at all time, her pistols. She’s a deadly shot.


Jallen the Burnt (elf male) Jallen was a Teeth in the Hydra gang, a simple enforcer. His combat prowess could have earned him a higher position but he doesn’t give a damn about leading. In fact, he does, mostly, what he wants when he wants. He’s a pain in the ass for anybody leading him, but he’s just too efficient to discard.


Lo Obar the Inker (dwarf): A renowned Ink Mage, Bartolo much prefer drawing tattoos  in his parlor than doing gang-related jobs. However he does need to test his conjuring magic art from time to time, see if it’s as potent as he thinks. So he agreed to join Tobalo’s gang. That and the fact that his home is right in the middle of their turf.


Suriparaat Everglow (elf, female): She was the best tagger of the Hydra. Her art goes far beyond simple cantrips. Beware the fool who would try to erase or deface one of her graffiti, he would be messing with magic glyphs.

Maffeo’s Unrepentants

A small all-tieflings (tieflings in SiT) gang recently expulsed  from the Vestige District by order of House Coërsce, the Unrepentants have quickly become infamous in the Turmoil for their willingness to terrorize the locals. Led by their charismatic leader First Sinner Maffeo, they seem determined to show the world just how intensely evil they are.



So far their flashy actions, despite including more cheap prestidigitization  than real dark arts, have managed to instill fear on many citizens. As for the neighboring gangs, they’re starting to take notice of this annoying challenge on their turf and may soon act on it.

Gang Activities

  • extortion
  • prostitution
  • gratuitous and contract intimidation/beating
  • Lechers and Liquors‘ dive

Most noteworthy members


First Sinner Maffeo (elf-tiefling male). The bombastic leader of this gang, handsome despite his demonic features, he has a habit of making extravagant claims, here’s some of them:

  • He would be one of the hardened criminals that received the Curse of the Mark (and not, like most, a descendant).
  • He would’ve slept with half of the Last Emperor’s harem back then, in sneaky visits to the Palace.
  • He would’ve fought the Last Emperor in a duel and won.
  • He would have levelled an entire neighborhood (left unspecified where or when) with his dark powers.

Higgs Foulmouth (halfling-tiefling male). With a dark sense of humor and a penchant for debauchery, the diminutive Higgs is unusually preoccupied lately since he realised that some of his flirtatious targets had been found dead, those specifically that have rejected his lust. First, he figures he will be a suspect, obviously. Second, he does indeed wonder if it could be him that did it. The Voice did coax him to punish these cold bitches…


Fury Kegesh (human-tiefling female). Fury is blindingly in love with Maffeo. She reacts with much violence (with her brutal nail-claws) if someone even suggests that Maffeo isn’t the great villain he says he is or if a woman eyes him too much. That stance, ironically, has somewhat forced Maffeo into a path he’s not quite comfortable with.

Azeya the Beauty (human-tiefling female). Few believes that deep inside, Azeya has a gentle soul. Being 6’4”, over 250 pounds with large wicked horns doesn’t do much good for one’s self-esteem. When you look like she does, you have to toughen up. And she did. Don’t show your pretty face near her, don’t look at her too long, don’t try to be friendly. Or she’ll bash your head into pulp.

Gomawo (human-tiefling male). A few years back Gomawo was set on the path he wanted. He had secured an apprenticeship with a famous master druggist and he was progressing fast. Alas his jealous fellow apprentices managed to frame him, he was accused (unjustly, at the time) of trying to learn forbidden formulas. Now that he’s masterless, he plans on gaining easy money through extortion to buy enough equipement to set his own lab.