Lorenzetti, Ambrogio: Allegory of good and bad government

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista: Le Carceri

Books (fiction)

Asprin, Robert (editor and author): Thieves World anthology

Dickens, Charles: A Tale of Two Cities

Pratchett, Terry: The Discworld series

Yurick, Sol: The warriors

Books (non-fiction)

Asbury, Herbert: Gangs of New-York: an informal history of the underworld

Kaplan & Dubro: Yakuza

Vigueur, Jean-Claude Maire: L’autre Rome: une histoire des Romains à l’époque des communes (XIIe-XIVe siècle)


Chow, Roy: The rise of the legend

Travis, Pete: Judge Dredd (2014)


Claypool, Les: Fisticuffs, Primus

TV Shows

BBC America: Ripper street