January UA

I’m a bit late for that one. Just a quick note:

January’s Unearthed Arcana have three (untested) subclasses: circle of spores (druid), brute (fighter), school of Invention (wizard).

Of course I have no use for any wizardly stuff in my S&T setting so I’ll skip the Invention subclass but the other two? Let’s see.

The Brute does damage. And absorb some (and heal some at 18th level!) That’s what it does. Very straightforward. You don’t want to think too much while playing? The Brute is for you. I could decide to link the Brute subclass with ogrenabol steroids in my campaign as a kind of requisite, to add some flavor. Maybe.

Now. The druid’s circle of spores… I like that very much. Sadly, druids don’t have much place in S&T but…


PogakĀ “the Composter” of the Northwall Creepers is now officially a circle of spores enthusiast…