The Scramble

 Weak but numerous. Hit-and-run experts. Vicious. Expendables. Yeah, well... Goblins! The Scramble was first created as a cooperative of lowly Goblins courriers, running around the district with their packages, trying to make it in one piece. The Hydra gang came to rely on the Scramblers as it began its downward spiral and thus could not … Continue reading The Scramble

Hobgoblins and Goblins (siblings apart)

I had some anticipation for the Volo's guide and the new playable character races it contains, but I must admit that I'm rather disappointed. I may use a thing or two, so not entirely useless...  Here's what I'm doing instead with two of the goblinoid races: I'm merging them, sort of... Origin: Two races in one … Continue reading Hobgoblins and Goblins (siblings apart)