Monk and fighter in SiT

It wasn't planned from the start but it appears that the character classes that I have re-skinned for my setting are all goal-oriented, that is, they are defined by why they do what they do and not really how they do it. I mean, all the PCs will have approximately the same goal(s) in the storyline … Continue reading Monk and fighter in SiT

Tyrannicide (adapting way of shadows for SiT)

Origin The Last Emperor, in his old age, put forth his Edict of Liberty proclaiming the Empowerment of the Citizens, letting go in effect his century-0ld rulership of Legacy. To ensure that freedom would be forever granted to the people, there would be agents, hidden in shadows: the tyrannicides. These zealots of freedom were ready to strike … Continue reading Tyrannicide (adapting way of shadows for SiT)