Welcome on Streetsinturmoil or Streets & Spores, or whatever…

This humble blog is kind of my notebook for my roleplaying games activities. I write down my ideas, I write play reports of the sessions I have with my players, my prep, sources of inspiration, etc.

My main thing for the moment is a Dungeon & Dragons campaign that I call alternately Ruins of Chult or Jungle D&D, where the adventurers explore the lost world-style continent of Chult. It’s been going on for 3-4 years now and its slowly approaching its final phase. You can read it all if this is the kind of things you like.

As for myself…

I work at a shipping office in a university, a boring job that have the big advantage of leaving me a lot of free time. So I blog at work.

I am now in my forties, I’ve been a dungeon master or game master since I was 14 and rpgs are still an important hobby of mine, if no longer the first among them. I can’t play many times a week like when I was a teenager, life is sad! But not that sad because now I can have my kids, my two sons, as players! Speaking of which, since recent years, most of my friends have become, huh, unreliable players at best because, y’know, life, so now my gaming group is very family oriented as it is, with my sons, my sister, my brother and one good (very motivated) friend and his son.

I am a Québécois, I speak French and live in Quebec City.

I like gardening, martial arts, history, small game hunting and of course, rpgs.

I am practically non-existent on the internet aside from this modest endeavor. If you want to communicate with me, this site is pretty much the only place. I do like to have comments!

David Lector