A setting best forgotten-I: Cargo Cult Adventures

Okay, I'm gonna cheat with my own rules (not that anyone cares) and get it out of my head-- some stuff unrelated *gasp* with Streets&Turmoil. Another damn setting... That, may I add, I won't ever have time to try (maybe that's for the best). Cargo Cult Adventures Here's how it goes. First, Cargo Cults is something from … Continue reading A setting best forgotten-I: Cargo Cult Adventures

Emile Verhaeren: Les villes tentaculaires

Deux citations inspirantes pour mon setting: C'est la ville tentaculaire La pieuvre ardente et l'ossuaire Et la carcasse solennelle. Et les chemins d'ici s'en vont à l'infini Vers elle. Et l'autre: Ô les siècles et les siècles sur cette ville Elle a mille ans la ville, La ville âpre et profonde; Et sans cesse, malgré … Continue reading Emile Verhaeren: Les villes tentaculaires

VI-Bestiary: Ogre

The Bestiary: where I take monsters from the manual and explain them my way... Ogres are anabolic steroids (ogrenabol) users, of course. Humanoids taking ( by ingestion) ogrenabol gain tremendous strength but it has a terrible side-effect: intense deformity.  Ogrenabol was synthetized by hobgoblin chemists almost a century ago. It's not illegal but it's costly. … Continue reading VI-Bestiary: Ogre