Gloomhaven: Decrepit Wood

Now, maybe the sensible thing would be to get some information on who or what is The Voice exactly? But following what IT wants means that we get in the Lingering Swamp. And, as it happens, we have a swamp aficionado, of all things, among us. So to hell with prudence, lets go to the decrepit wood to seek something or other that our desincarnated employer wants so bad.

Scenario 32

Goal: Reveal G tile, kill all monsters, loot treasure

Team: Brute (lvl 7), Elementalist (lvl 7), Soothsinger (lvl 8)

Set difficulty: 4

I’m not quite certain what are Harrowers but they sure are tough cookies. But fortunately, as they’re melee attackers, they’re quite easy to outmanoeuver. In fact, we did so well with this scenario that… I don’t feel like there’s much to say?


The soothsinger’s forte is not high damage output.

Or that’s what we thought…


We chose to enter the door in front of us instead of going by the side entrance. We get pesky Black Imps and more Harrowers.


Last room and we still have plenty of resources, no worries.



  • this one was a walk in the park
  • we now unlock the elementalist’s life goal special (double) scenario
  • Both me and the soothsinger will complete our own life goals too so we’ll retire as a team!

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