Bloody revolution: Morbidly inspiring

Poirier de Dunkerke, Les formes acerbes


That’s a denunciation of one Joseph Le Bon, a man who oversaw with (lets be cynical) excessive enthusiasm the death sentences under revolutionary France’s Terreur. Ironically, he was himself executed not much later under charge of « abuse of power ».

The imagery is purposefully evocative in order to shock, obviously. A madman drinking the still-hot blood of its victims, having to gulp it down  fast, it seems and  standing ahead a growing pile of corpses with the Furies (to the right) at his side. Note also the crowd waiving pitifully at the cloud, waiting for divine retribution…

Put that in a fantasy world (a grim one indeed) and its no longer mere moral reprobation, it could be really happening.

Who is this guy (Mister Blood Drinker) in my setting? I don’t know yet. He must be somewhere in the past I think. Maybe he’s one of the Three Tyrants. Or more simply an agent for one of them. We’ll see.

As for divine help/retribution, in my world as well as in the real: don’t wait for it…

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