Morbidly inspiring

Poirier de Dunkerke, Les formes acerbes


That’s a denunciation of one Joseph Le Bon, a man who oversaw with (lets be cynical) excessive enthusiasm the death sentences under revolutionary France’s Terreur. Ironically, he was himself executed not much later under charge of “abuse of power”.

The imagery is purposefully evocative in order to shock, obviously. A madman drinking the still-hot blood of its victims, having to gulp it down  fast, it seems and  standing ahead a growing pile of corpses with the Furies (to the right) at his side. Note also the crowd waiving pitifully at the cloud, waiting for divine retribution…

Put that in a fantasy world (a grim one indeed) and its no longer mere moral reprobation, it could be really happening.

Who is this guy (Mister Blood Drinker) in my setting? I don’t know yet. He must be somewhere in the past I think. Maybe he’s one of the Three Tyrants. Or more simply an agent for one of them. We’ll see.

As for divine help/retribution, in my world as well as in the real: don’t wait for it…