Gloomhaven: Clockwork Cove, Oozing Grove,Vermling Nest, Payment Due

Four random side scenarios in a row. I’ll make it short & sweet as it’s been several weeks and I’m going on hazy memory now.

Oh, and:

The Rat is Back, Baby!

Scenario 66

Goal: Activate pressure plate e

Team: Brute (lvl 6), Elementalist (lvl 6),  Mindthief (lvl 5) Soothsinger (lvl 6)

Set difficulty: 3


We’ve cleared the oozes without much sweat but the ancient artilleries in next room are another matter. The mindthief takes control of the Elite and make it move in the first room just as we release the pressure plate, trapping it behind the door! Nicely done!


Next, we had to manoeuver uncomfortably between stone golems, oozes and artilleries. Add to this living spirits, once we got to open two more rooms (with treasures!). The Elementalist stood ready to step on the last pressure plate as we’re finishing a last xp & gold grab.

Scenario 72

Goal: Destroy all trees

Team: Brute (lvl 6), Elementalist (lvl 6),  Mindthief (lvl 5) Soothsinger (lvl 6)

Set difficulty: 3


Our first encounter with forest imps and aren’t they lil’ motherfuckers?! Ranged attacks that do curses? Annoying. Anyway, with the first few rounds that seemed like we weren’t doing anything useful, we managed to cut down the tree in the central area. I then split off to get to the tree to the right, as the Elementalist had mostly cleared the way for me, while the rest of the group went for the tree to the left.

Borborygm, joyfully swinging his axe at the oozing tree

Scenario 94

Goal: Kill all monsters

Team: Brute (lvl 6), Elementalist (lvl 6),  Mindthief (lvl 5) Soothsinger (lvl 6)

Set difficulty: 3

Hey, we’ve unlocked a scenario with vermlings, at last!

The hounds facilitate our job by getting all bunched together
Elementalist: I’ll leave the rats for you, I swear! *Kill 2 vermlings » Mindthief: « GrrrRRRrr »
Brute: « Hey, I need some back up! » 6 attacks later with a grand total of 4 damage « Oh, nevermind. »

Scenario 95

Goal: Kill the Prime Lieutnant

Team: Brute (lvl 6), Elementalist (lvl 7),  Scoundrel (lvl 5) Soothsinger (lvl 7)

Set difficulty: 4

The completion of Vermling Nest unlocked Payment Due. We have to find tokens dissiminated in two areas, one with damaging difficult terrain, and the other full of obstacles and deep terrors. Meanwhile, flame and earth demons keep popping up in the hallway so, no fooling around…

Scoundrel: « I’m melting! »

Our new member, the fast-moving scoundrel, takes on her to get the 3 tokens in the acid-filled room.

Brute: « What the hell are those things?! »

Deep terrors are brutal monsters. They’ve got range, annoying effects, and have retaliate to boot. The large room is difficult to navigate: rocks, columns, puddles, traps… The Cragheart would have done marvels, ahhh… The nimble Soothsinger gets the 2 tokens in the back while I get the other, not without taking many hits. Damn those tentacles!

Scoundrel: « Huh, guys? »

Once we got the tokens, we could open the hallway’s door and fight the Prime Lieutnant. This fight was a pushover, really. He wasn’t even a true Boss, c’mon! It’s not even deserving of a pic (my phone’s battery died just before the final fight, oops)!


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