Reputation- Seven Associates- update

In the Renown option the DMG tells us that it cannot get lower than zero. I disagree, I think it can reflect an increasing enmity. As I see it, a -5 renown score would lead to a NPC/faction actively trying to hinder the PCs. A +5 renown would be the opposite, helping the PCs as they can.

Here’s how the 7As renown stands after a few more dealings & side quests with Chult’s denizens:

Port Nyanzaru

The Merchant Princes:


Zhanti: +3

  • defended the Amnian Fop (showed valor +1)
  • played an important part in capturing the pirate ship The Stirge along with its captain (commerce interest: +2)

Ekene-Afa: +2

  • freed a spy working for Captain Soshen that had been held prisonner by the Bridgerunners in Malar’s Throat (took side: +2)

Kwayoté: +1

  • exterminated the critters in newly acquired mine (commerce interest +1)

Jobal: -3

  • have freed a spy working for Captain Soshen that had been held prisonner by the Bridgerunners in Malar’s Throat (took side: -2)
  • killed more Bridgerunners that attacked them, with the help of Purple Hands (took side -1)

Jessamine: +2

  • secured a shipment of frogmen-made pottery by helping the tribe overcome a crisis (commerce interest +1)
  • killed Bridgerunners that were encroaching in affilated Purple Hands‘ territory (took side +1)

Ifan Talro’a: 0

  • participated in many events at the Grand Coliseum (showed valor +1)
  • crossed swords against Flaming Fist allies (took side -1)

Port Nyanzaru: other factions:

Port-Nyanzaru’s Populace (+3)

  • participated in the finals of Liberation Day’s Tournament (showed valor +1)
  • captured pirate ship the Stirge (showed valor +1)
  • killed the pirates in naumachia event (showed valor +1)

Flaming Fist Mercenaries: -3

  • killed Flaming Fists to save a merfolk (took side -3)

Greater Chult


Pink Reef’s Merfolks: +4

  • traded with the merfolks (+1)
  • saved a captured merfolk by killing its assailants (took side +3)

Three-Cascades’s Frogmen Tribe: +5

  • saved the tribe from a terrible plague by getting the cure in the Forbidden Valley (saviors +5)

Valley of Mist’s Albino Dwarves Tribe: +3

  • defeated the Caves of Decay troglodytes that were attacking the tribe (defeated a major threat +3)

Plateau of the Aarakocra’s Flock: +1

  • made a deal  useful for both sides (+1)

Pick & Axe Company Dwarves: -2

  • looted the treasures of Tomoachan (- 1)
  • forced a weeklong pursuit in the jungle and finally evaded the Dwarves (-1)

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