The Merchant Princes of Port Nyanzaru (revamped)

The « merchant princes », as described in Tomb of Annihilation, look more like simple shopkeepers than powerful merchant rulers. Here’s, I think, a less silly take on Port Nyanzaru’s Council of Seven. 


Already popular when she was a gladiator, she became the de facto leader of the rebels when Port Nyanzaru  shook off the Amnians. She would have the support of the people if she made a bid to rule the city by herself, but she doesn’t have that kind of ambition.

Commercial Assets:

  • taxes from Inner City’s merchants, in exchange her labor force clear the rivers’ channels
  • fishing trade

Political Influence:

  • city watch (captain Soshen is her son)
  • beloved by the people


  • Prevent Tyranny
  • Extend safety to all parts of Port Nyanzaru, not only Walled City

Ifan Talro’a

Talro’a betrayed his Amnian masters, and profited greatly from it. He now has some kind of alliance with the Flaming Fist mercenaries. A man of great ambition, a populist too, he won’t stop at anything to amass more power.

Commercial Assets:

  • meat market
  • dinosaur herding
  • ivory trade

Political Influence:

  • allied with Flaming Fist
  • Redhooks (butchers turned enforcers)
  • Grand Coliseum games


  • Become King of Chult


The least avant-scène of the Princes, Jessamine’s influence is felt more in hushed tones than in clamorous displays. Her extensive spy network goes far beyond Port Nyanzaru.

Commercial Assets:

  • pottery trade with the gripplis
  • dyes trade
  • spices trade
  • kola nuts

Political Influence:

  • The Purple Hand (assassins)
  • Spy Network


  • Prevent strong rule from happening in Port Nyanzaru
  • Eliminate underworld rival Jobal


Since he got out of the jungle alone, with  considerable treasure in his possession, Jobal proceeded to buy the allegiance of one of Old City’s gang of thugs. He soon ruled over almost all the other gangs of Old City and Malar’s Throat.

Commercial Assets:

  • local extortion
  • moneylending


  • The Gauntlet (informal justice)
  • Gangs: Sons of Malar, Bridgerunners, the Dirty Talons


  • Advance the agenda of his unknown benefactors


Kwayothé was barely a teen when she catched the eye of a rich foreigner. She endured many humiliations before she finally freed herself of her master’s yoke. Now a rich merchant herself, she strives so that nobody would gain dominance over her ever again.

Commercial Assets:

  • jewel mining
  • iron mining
  • metalcasting

Political Influence:

  • Temple of Shar


  • Topple Chultan aristocracy
  • Drive away or kill the Flaming Fist mercenaries
  • Chase off the Pick&Axe co

Wakanga O’tamu

A moderate in all things, except maybe in his passion for women, Wakanga helped the rebellion only because  Amn persecuted magic-users such as him. A powerful wizard, he comes from a long tradition that teaches that magic must be restricted to a few who pledged to use it with strict rules.

Commercial Assets:

  • none

Political Influence:

  • He’s a wise and powerful wizard and many seek his counsel


  • Prevent Tyranny.
  • Stop strangers from stirring dark forces in the jungle


A rich merchant with royal blood, Zhanti is the consummate diplomat. Her long-term plans are ambitious but she knows she’s not getting any younger.

Commercial Assets:

  • salt making
  • leatherworking
  • cloth manufacturing

Political Influence:

  • Harbor
  • Prestigious family
  • foreign interests


  • Civilize a large chunk of Chult
  • Put her son Shago as ruler of Port Nyanzaru
  • Help bring back the Chultan diaspora
  • Transform the city into true regional power

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