Tomb of Annihilation: the Amnian Fop

  Another advantage of throwing away the dumb main plot is letting go of the time constraint (with the death curse and all).  This allows me a proper introduction to the campaign, which was totally lacking. Also, NPC Shago has another role entirely. He's no longer a Flaming Fist flunky. Getting to Chult Teleporting? Nope. The … Continue reading Tomb of Annihilation: the Amnian Fop

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My Divine Council campaign has come to a conclusion. In the final fight, the party has slain the tarrasque (beast of the apocalypse) with ridiculous ease, in a mere 5 rounds. Dragomir's messianic plan unfolds, magic is forever banished from the world. And so it ends. Unfortunately, my next homebrewed thing, the focus of this … Continue reading Next: Tomb of Annihilation