A note on Jungle Dwarves

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I’m going against the Tomb of Annihilation lore, again.

The only Jungle/Albino Dwarf NPC in ToA is Musharib, a guide who will forgo his pay if the PCs help him reclaim the dwarven forge of Hrakhamar.

A forge.

I mean,  come on Musharib, what will you do with the damn place? That’s not who you are anymore!

Here we have Dwarves radically different than the usual tolkienesque cliché. What’s the point to sorta get them back on track? That’s lame. In my campaign, the Albino Dwarves don’t want anything to do with their (distant) past. Indeed, it’s taboo for them.

The Earth Shook and Spat Fire

The ancient way of life led to apocalyptic disaster (many generations ago). Better forget about it. And better make sure nobody sneak around  and mess with the sites and artefacts of the ancient ones!

So yeah, the PCs will have to deal with that particular prejudice…

Also, in my campaign, there’s no wild dwarves or gold dwarves (as per 2e lore), just albino dwarves (and foreign typical dwarves).

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