A good plan for running Tomb of Annihilation

I agree 100% with Peter’s commentary left on Merric’s Musings’ blog. Merric’s article is interesting in itself, but this commentary IMO is just spot on.

For some reason comments are closed on the article, can’t ask your permission – hope you don’t mind Peter.

  1. Peter

  1. I ran both campaigns… and yes, SKT was easier to setup. But I still liked ToA more.The main problem is the unstructured textwalls of Wizard’s campaigns, where they hide important pieces in cluttered texts full of irrelevant background information and fluff. It took my quite a while to make sense of ToA, but it worked very well:

  1. 1. Let the players travel to or return to Chult for their own reasons
    2. Let them to some work in Port Nyanzaru for the merchant princes, play their rivalries, and go on some jungle expeditions
    3. Disperse rumors and relicts about Omu, the Trickster Gods, the Yuan-Ti and Ras Nsi
    4. Show the Red Wizards arriving in the Port, preparing a big expedition, maybe rumors of a lost city
    5. Start the main Death Curse plot via one of the merchant princes as the quest giver, himself being afflicted, promising half his wealth and magic items for salvation (I used the mage Wakanga)
    6. Looking for the source of the Death Curse, some people will hint at going to the oracle of Orolunga, where they find out that something evil hides in Omu.
    7. Finding Omu, using the Aarokocras from Kir Sabal or the guides or seers from Port Nyanzaru or the Lich in the Heart of Ubtao
    8. Enter Omu and Stage 2 of the adventure, I would recommend level 5-6 for competent parties and the actual Tomb from level 7

One thought on “A good plan for running Tomb of Annihilation

  1. I had similar feelings about ToA. I actually picked it up solely because it was based in a non-traditional setting. However, after my initial readthrough I ended up stitching things together in a completely different manner than what was presented.

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