A boat to Chult: the Amnian Fop


Another advantage of throwing away the dumb main plot of ToA is letting go of the time constraint (with the death curse and all).  This allows me a proper introduction to the campaign, which was totally lacking.

Also, NPC Shago has another role entirely. He’s no longer a Flaming Fist flunky.

Getting to Chult

Teleporting? Nope.

The PCs are going to Chult the long way: by boat.

Welcome aboard The Amnian Fop


It’s a popular saying among  the Chultans now (after their uprising) that nothing runs faster, no deinonychus, no antelope, than a rich Amnian fleeing for his life. This boat is fast, hence the name.

The crew of the Amnian Fop will be the first characters the PCs will be able to interact with. Here they are:


Captain Shago, Human (Chultan): the adventurous son of prince-merchant Zhanti is the proud captain of this schooner. His mother would like him to act as ambassador of Port Nyangaru but politics doesn’t interest him much. He does share one goal with her though: get rid of all these pesky pirates that plagues chultan waters.


First Mate “Blimp” Blimponia Stargazer, rock gnome: she’s got a badass harpoon-launcher. She made it. With luv. She calls her captain “Prince Shago”  sometimes. It annoys the shit out of him.

Sailor “Mute” Walix, sun elf: He’s not mute but few could say.  He’s got a useful little trick that mends the ship’s wear and tear.

Sailor Olgata, Human (Chultan): Mute’s girlfriend. She speaks to the Sea. Or more precisely, to the Seas’ moody mistress, the Goddess Umberlee. It seems to help, a bit.

Sailor Bayiz , fire genasi (Calimshite): Who said that a fire genasi could not become a sailor? Yeah… There’s something fishy about that.

Sailor “Handsome” Hasan, Human (Chultan): Half his face is just scar tissue. A dinosaur did this. Don’t mess with dinosaurs.

Sailor Kid Shago, Human (Chultan): A street urchin a year back, he would have turned bad if not of a chance encounter with Older Shago. Joyfully mops the deck of the ship.

Sailor Nondescript, not at all a replacement for a possible PC casualty.




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