IV- Bestiary: Myconids

Myconids In SiT! They're street cleaners, removing offal, dejections, basically any organic waste. Sometimes they get a little less discriminatory about the unmoving quality of their sweepings. That's something I came with while reading Jeff Vandermeer's book: What I'm stealing for my setting is only the cruder idea of the Gray Caps of Vandermeer, whom … Continue reading IV- Bestiary: Myconids

Northwall Creepers

Here's a little niche for a nature and druidy-themed gang. The northern border of the Harlequin district is delimited unambiguously by the high walls of the elven Enclave. These 60' walls are almost entirely covered by vines and lichens, purposefully put there by the elves for their dangerous (and often, magical) qualities. It would be very … Continue reading Northwall Creepers

Hidden Atrium Masks

Actors, singers, acrobats, storytellers, street performers of all kind have united under the Hidden Atrium Masks! Disgruntled of having to pay taxes and be bullied by gangsters, these ex street entertainers  have banded together and formed their own gang.  The lower echelons are still mostly that, entertainers,  boosting the sales of affiliated merchants with their … Continue reading Hidden Atrium Masks