III-Bestiary: Cockatrice

Cockatrice fighting Cockatrice insteads of cock. That's not incredibly imaginative perhaps, but I like to sprinkle some little fantasy elements here and there in SiT. Unlike the normal bird, the cockatrice (MM) doesn't attack with their talons but instead have a bite (+ 3 to hit, 1d4 + 1 dmg). Upon a hit, the target … Continue reading III-Bestiary: Cockatrice

District Invasion

As if the numerous troublesome gangs weren't enough, outside parties often invite themselves to the woe of the inhabitants. Gargoyles from the Folly There's many clutches of gargoyles living among the Folly's dizzying heights. They're very territorial and constantly at each other's throats. They mostly keep to their high above ground perches but recently, the … Continue reading District Invasion

Marfark Street Mumblers

This gang has learned over time to achieve very good coordination, helped with efficient (and discrete) communication with their magical face scarves. A few years ago, some young hoodlums from Marfark Street found (stole) a crate surprisingly light. Its content was unusual: plenty of well-woven scarves. A waste of their time or so they tought … Continue reading Marfark Street Mumblers