At a leisurely pace


Yeah… Okay, maybe not like that but palanquins? Definitely.


You’re someone important? That’s how you go around!

After all, what better way to display your status?


If you can’t afford having your own palanquin and its carriers, rent one!

  • The Steadfast Twenty: the smoothest ride in town is offered by this group of indistinguishable bare-chested dwarves.
  • The Hobgoblin Stompers: Iron-booted, dressed in spiked leather armors, the Stompers get you through a crowd without even slowing.
  • Mother Sigma’s Crew: If you don’t mind the putrid odor, this becromancer lady and her tireless minions offers the cheapest ride in town.
  • The Golden Cushion: The Broken Wheel mafia have acquired these most extravagant of palanquins, previously owned by the Puulchesera elves before they were forced out of the Enclave with their curse & stuff. Now the Halflings mafiosi have set a small business with various carriers indebted to them operating the gilded, heavy palanquins.

Will the PCs ever pay for  a palanquin ride? Doubtful, because:



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