III-Bestiary: Cockatrice

Cockatrice fighting Cockatrice insteads of cock. That's not incredibly imaginative perhaps, but I like to sprinkle some little fantasy elements here and there in SiT. Unlike the normal bird, the cockatrice (MM) doesn't attack with their talons but instead have a bite (+ 3 to hit, 1d4 + 1 dmg). Upon a hit, the target … Continue reading III-Bestiary: Cockatrice

Humans, very human (among fantasy races)

  Almost in every setting in fantasy, humans compared to other races are: more numerous more diverse more versatile that would be because, intrinsically, humans adapt better It's anthropocentric. Worst... it's silly. But then, how do we negate this bias? I see two solutions (1). One would be to have equally diverse and versatile fantasy … Continue reading Humans, very human (among fantasy races)

Notches on a Blood Cudgel

It's a bit contrived but I was searching for a way to upgrade damage output for weapons that normally do 1d4 (prevalent in this setting), as a way to balance weapon-using classes with the monk class (1). Sometimes called blood cudgels or shillelaghs, these are clubs made from a bloodroot tree and specially imbued  with magical … Continue reading Notches on a Blood Cudgel