I- Fighting styles for Streets & Turmoil

In boxing and mixed martial arts, one can observe many different styles of fighting. I've tried to translate some of it in D&D 5e for my Streets&Turmoil setting. As it is far easier and also less risky (balance issues) to take what already exists rather than homebrew everything from scratch, I've started with looking at … Continue reading I- Fighting styles for Streets & Turmoil

Towers & Blood: setting

Tower defense plus vampires, I mean, what's not to like?! This one I actually know it's good, it's been playtested! It was planned as a separate chapter on my last campaign, for 5 sessions, when my players had to "play the game", so to speak, of the vampires ruling the city where they had to stay. … Continue reading Towers & Blood: setting

The benefits of smoking (in a fantasy world)

In my continuing efforts to push the boundaries of silliness ever further I present to you: fantasy tobacco! Smoking has never been so judicious! Duskbloom  Tobacco Also called the "Third Eye Tobacco", you must use a pipe to gain its benefits otherwise it doesn't work. Go figure. Smoking duskbloom tobacco has a positive effect on problem-solving … Continue reading The benefits of smoking (in a fantasy world)

VII-Bestiary: Household spirits

The Bestiary: where I take monsters from the manual and explain them my way...  https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-to-appease-household-spirits-across-the-world There's like an infinite variety of household spirits in folktales all over the world. These little critters are fucking everywhere. Most are somewhat helpful squatters that occasionally do some menial chores, on the condition that the house is properly tended by … Continue reading VII-Bestiary: Household spirits

A setting best forgotten-I: Cargo Cult Adventures

Okay, I'm gonna cheat with my own rules (not that anyone cares) and get it out of my head-- some stuff unrelated *gasp* with Streets&Turmoil. Another damn setting... That, may I add, I won't ever have time to try (maybe that's for the best). Cargo Cult Adventures Here's how it goes. First, Cargo Cults is something from … Continue reading A setting best forgotten-I: Cargo Cult Adventures