IV- Bestiary: Myconids

Myconids In SiT! They're street cleaners, removing offal, dejections, basically any organic waste. Sometimes they get a little less discriminatory about the unmoving quality of their sweepings. That's something I came with while reading Jeff Vandermeer's book: What I'm stealing for my setting is only the cruder idea of the Gray Caps of Vandermeer, whom … Continue reading IV- Bestiary: Myconids

District Invasion

As if the numerous troublesome gangs weren't enough, outside parties often invite themselves to the woe of the inhabitants. Gargoyles from the Folly There's many clutches of gargoyles living among the Folly's dizzying heights. They're very territorial and constantly at each other's throats. They mostly keep to their high above ground perches but recently, the … Continue reading District Invasion

Alignment for SiT

What do murderhobos need alignment for, I wonder? But I being affected with Compulsive Theming Disorder....  Here's a new alignment spectrum for my setting. I find the standard D&D alignment spectrum (law/chaos, good/evil) pretty much pointless, I guess that makes me a hater. Whatever. The alignment for SiT should help define some of the character's … Continue reading Alignment for SiT

II-Bestiary: Dao, Djinni, Efreeti, Marid

I'm expanding my concept of monsters having a somewhat "normal" part in the functioning of the City. Of course, there's always something going wrong with that kind of thing. Otherwise, where would be the fun! Servant Genies Gone Astray Dao, djinni, efreeti and marids are genies, servant spirits invoked long ago with powerful magic and bonded in the … Continue reading II-Bestiary: Dao, Djinni, Efreeti, Marid