The Scramble

 Weak but numerous. Hit-and-run experts. Vicious. Expendables. Yeah, well... Goblins! The Scramble was first created as a cooperative of lowly Goblins courriers, running around the district with their packages, trying to make it in one piece. The Hydra gang came to rely on the Scramblers as it began its downward spiral and thus could not … Continue reading The Scramble

Scenario model: Romance of the Three Kingdoms

If I had to choose a classic on which to model my upcoming campaign of S&T it would undoubtedly be RotTK. A chinese novel written in the fourteenth century by Luo Guangzhou relating events from the third century. Fictional, of course, but not so wildly removed from recorded history. The very first sentence of the … Continue reading Scenario model: Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The Fetid Brigade

Pure. Undiluted. STENCH! Situation The Fetids come out of their lair in the sewers only to raid or harass surface people. Sometimes they bring some of the awful critters that they somehow domesticated while living below. Gang activities Intimidation and extortion (doing mayhem until receiving enough tribute) Kidnapping for ransom (or sometimes for a more … Continue reading The Fetid Brigade

IV- Bestiary: Myconids

Myconids In SiT! They're street cleaners, removing offal, dejections, basically any organic waste. Sometimes they get a little less discriminatory about the unmoving quality of their sweepings. That's something I came with while reading Jeff Vandermeer's book: What I'm stealing for my setting is only the cruder idea of the Gray Caps of Vandermeer, whom … Continue reading IV- Bestiary: Myconids