Taverns, dives, pubs & cabarets of S&T

The Crooked Fingers Owned by Old Mindy's Crew Fencer in the backroom. Lechers & Liquors Club Owned by Maffeo's Unrepentants Disreputable, even by Disgrace Ward standard. The Blackened Teeth Owned by the Sons of Arson The most impressive fireplace in town. Poporo's Bordello Live girls (and some dead ones) Owned by independent, pay tax to … Continue reading Taverns, dives, pubs & cabarets of S&T

A setting best forgotten-I: Cargo Cult Adventures

Okay, I'm gonna cheat with my own rules (not that anyone cares) and get it out of my head-- some stuff unrelated *gasp* with Streets&Turmoil. Another damn setting... That, may I add, I won't ever have time to try (maybe that's for the best). Cargo Cult Adventures Here's how it goes. First, Cargo Cults is something from … Continue reading A setting best forgotten-I: Cargo Cult Adventures

The Scramble

 Weak but numerous. Hit-and-run experts. Vicious. Expendables. Yeah, well... Goblins! The Scramble was first created as a cooperative of lowly Goblins courriers, running around the district with their packages, trying to make it in one piece. The Hydra gang came to rely on the Scramblers as it began its downward spiral and thus could not … Continue reading The Scramble