NPCs of wild Chult

I’m slowly transcribing my notes from my tattered notebook to something more readable so here’s a list of some homebrew (except Aremag) NPCs that are in the wild and are, huh… quest-related, in my campaign. Most of them the PCs have met already.

Joyful Red, the current employer of the PCs

Immanent Cloud

Immanent Cloud is a Tabaxi hermit that spends most of his time in his cliff house of Kir Sabal, a few days south of Port Castigliar. He’s a master of the Ascending Wind martial arts. Even if his life is completly dedicated to ascetism he does welcome visitors to his home to share stories and tea.

Goma Lu Goma

Goma is a cigar-smoking treant that can be found north-west of Port Castigliar. As all treant do, he strives to preserve the delicate equilibrium of nature around him. This lead him to some unusual partnership, most recently with local batiri goblins. Goma is always keen to enrich his territory with rare plants he can add.

Joyful Red

Joyful Red is the official ambassador of her people, the Araneas of the Bright Bosquet. She is the spokesperson of queen Immobilissime Pure White who has absolute confidence in her. Like all Araneas, Joyful Red is condescending towards males, but she’s otherwise polite and agreeable.


Utmapdigrala is the forgotten Guardian Naga of the Sacred Road, a now jungle-covered road that linked the city of Mezro with many sacred shrines as part of a ritual pilgrimage. Treading this hidden path one can find some weather-beaten stela that depicts the benevolent naga but few know what is the purpose behind all of this.


note: Aremag first appeared in James Lowder’s Ring of Winter (1992) FR book (afaik)

Aremag is a wily Dragon Turtle that has established its lair somewhere along the north-eastern coast of Chult. Aremag have sunk many ships over the years, but he can also be persuaded to let go of a prey with sufficient bribery.


Laru’owa is an Aarakocra matriach and the lead trader of the Plateau outpost. The Plateau of the Aarakocra is an important trading hub that sees all kind of chultan folks beside the Aarakocra themselves, be it Gripplis, Albino Dwarves, Batiri Goblins and more. Laru’owa ensures that cordial relations are kept, at least when she’s around.

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