Northwall Creepers

Here’s a little niche for a nature and druidy-themed gang.

The northern border of the Harlequin district is delimited unambiguously by the high walls of the elven Enclave. These 60′ walls are almost entirely covered by vines and lichens, purposefully put there by the elves for their dangerous (and often, magical) qualities. It would be very unwise to try climbing without extreme precautions.



One group actually profits from this lethal vegetation, the Northwall Creepers have acquired a deep knowledge of the plants and harvest the wall for their own uses. Over time they have crafted special recipes of healing draughts, hallucinogens, herbal teas and even spore bombs!

Gang Activities

  • drugs (manufacturing and selling)
  • extortion
  • intimidation jobs

Most noteworthy members

Mistress White Magnolia


White Magnolia developed early in her life an obsession with the wall so near her family’s house. She nearly died at age 11 when she first tried to climb it along with some friends in a foolish challenge. She succeeded 3 years later and is the youngest of the handful who can boast of such a feat. She had spent hundred of hours trying to learn everything she could about the plants and plant-like creatures of the wall, prior to her success.  A sum of knowledge that she used later to establish herself as a feared gang leader.

Ô Hagam “The Inexorable Grasp”


Both a mentor and a burden for the gang’s leader, The Inexorable Grasp discovered many effects of the wall’s flora with his reckless and imaginative testing (and tasting). A true zealot of the Northwall Creepers, for some reason he’s always pushing for expansion. He’s been chastised a couple of times for overstepping himself as he decided by himself to challenge someone else’s territory.

The Green Strangler


As he quit the comfort of his (insipid) earlier life, this elf climbed down the wall and fell in (literally) with bad company. After a rough start in the neighborhood, his unique talents for harnessing green magic has singled him as a rising star of the Creepers.

Urushiola the Rash


Urushiola is the defiant daughter of a highly ranked Council member who, as it happened, voted for “securing” the walls of the Enclave against intrusion. Using the “defensive measures” for her own ends pleases her very much.

Pogak the Composter


Caring and feeding the wall’s plants seemed like something only a deluded mind would do. This was before the strange goblin Pogak was seen communicating with sentient plant-creatures. Since then many Creepers have followed in his steps, but none have a closer relationship or understanding of them than Pogak.


Hidden Atrium Masks

Actors, singers, acrobats, storytellers, street performers of all kind have united under the Hidden Atrium Masks!


Disgruntled of having to pay taxes and be bullied by gangsters, these ex street entertainers  have banded together and formed their own gang.  The lower echelons are still mostly that, entertainers,  boosting the sales of affiliated merchants with their cabrioles and crowd amusement. The higher ranked Masks, flamboyant as they are, attend to less joyful business, taking their chunk of gangdom in an ironic turn of event.



The Hidden Atrium Masks are nothing if not stylish and exuberant and the core leadership of the gang even more so.  Called Triumphs, these higher Masks are seldom seen in the streets and are all purposefully mysterious figures. They rule the Masks from a hidden lair called the Hidden Atrium, which very few people know the whereabouts.


Gang activities

  • protection racket (merchants)
  • drugs
  • prostitution ++
  • gambling ++

Most Noteworthy members:

Skaramozz, “The Magician” (leader: hobgoblin, male)


It was almost entirely through Skaramozz’s considerable  efforts that the Masks came to be a gang. And he truly infused it with his love of theatrics. Of Skaramozz himself, very few facts can be trusted, being for so long a showman and impersonator have made him a walking enigma.

Demon Arulex (tiefling, male)

An amazingly agile acrobat, this tiefling exaggerates his demonic features with prosthetics and make-up. That does not make him scary looking that much. Unless you see him in battle, then you could actually believe that he’s truly a hellish demon.


Laughing Boy Brighell (human, male)

The brightly clad Laughing Boy has elevated himself above his humble origins with a mix of ruthlesness and charm. The Masks would not have let him be a Triumph if he wasn’t also very efficient at a number of money-making ploys.

Verbose Bergham (elf, male)

Verbose Bergham can’t help himself but lecturing, anyone on hand, on obscure subjects and he goes on and on, oblivious to his listeners’ (quite probable) disinterest. He’s even known to continue declaiming, even in the midst of battle.

Madam Colombina  (elf, female)


Madam Colombina is the owner of the Hour Glass, arguably the most upper class dive of the district.

Marfark Street Mumblers

This gang has learned over time to achieve very good coordination, helped with efficient (and discrete) communication with their magical face scarves.

A few years ago, some young hoodlums from Marfark Street found (stole) a crate surprisingly light. Its content was unusual: plenty of well-woven scarves. A waste of their time or so they tought at first. But they soon found out that these scarves had a minor but convenient magical power: they could be used to cast the message spell! That sufficed to gave them Attitude and become a true gang.



The Mumblers have grown a lot in power since their first days but even now, they’re not among the most numerous or aggressive gangs. They seem more focused on their martial training and group tactics than on money-making. This makes them less of a urging problem maybe but ultimately, they are difficult opponents.

Gang Activities

  • drug selling
  • prostitution
  • protection racket
  • cockatrice fighting/betting

Most Noteworthy Members

Master Zephyr (leader: elf, male)


An elf outcast, Zephyr always says that things are as they’re meant to be, that the pampered world of the Enclave wasn’t for the like of him. The streets of the Harlequin, for Zephyr, is like a giant training ground, existing for the sake of testing his fighting skills and training those who follow him.

Sobotan “The Crimson Terror” (tiefling, male)


Fearless in  battle, with a cruel bent, Sobotan has done everything to earn his nickname. His savagery is legendary. He blames his tiefling blood for it. Not that he really cares.

Quiet Sethryn (elf, female)

Now that Blue is gone, it falls on Sethryn to remember Zephyr of the Purpose. She fears that without her (and maybe even with her), Zephyr will prepare for centuries, never quite satisfied, before at last accomplishing what they pledged when they left home.

Jokotade “Rumble Joko” (human, male)

Rumble Joko his known for his size and strength but what most overlook is how good a tactician he is too. Only Zephyr can outwit him and hatch better battle plans.

Babrinsah “Bab the Thief”(human male)

Bab is lazy. Bab is a coward. But, Bab found the crate full of magical scarves. In fact he always has these wild, crazy ideas that, perhaps by sheer luck, turns out nicely. So he’s got gang status alright.


Nihil Square Bonemongers

A necromancy-themed gang! Yay!

The Nihil Square is a really bad place, it looks like the dumpyard of Hell after a tempest. And the fact that the old Tower of Bones rises at the center, the only structure around not on the brink of crumbling, doesn’t help the reputation of the place.

The Nihil Square, once an open area, is now home to the most desperate of the Harlequin district, living in crowded conditions, in two-storied rickety houses. Amidst them roams the Bonemongers, murderous death cultists not to be trifled with.



The Bonemongers paid lip service to the Hydra while it dominated the Harlequin but it was clear who ruled over the Nihil Square. Whose gonna contain the Bonemongers now?

The Bonemongers have long studied and tested how to kill without being arrested by the Sanction. “Cheating” on what seems to be held as murder and what is not (i.e dying of an infected wound: not murder!).


Gang Activites

  • contract intimidation/beating
  • gratuitous intimidation/beating
  • drug dealing
  • prostitution
  • contract murder

Most Noteworthy Members

Dreadfist (leader: human, male)


The undisputed master of the Bonemongers rules over his decaying turf from the surprisingly lavish highest chamber of the Tower of Bones. They say that his touch steal life energy.

Lord Marrow (ghoul, male)


Strangely, the Nihil Square is not a good place for ghouls. They lose control, even with heavy dose of tincture and become feral. All but Lord Marrow. Strangely, he does not even take any tincture.

Zariba (human, female)


She talks to skulls. No big deal, except… they talk back to her!

Sulpice the Warlock (human, male)


Sulpice’s magic can help against many woes, but then you owe him and that… is not good for your soul.

Gervan the Crow (halfling, male)


Always surrounded by undead minions, the Crow is an imposing figure in the Nihil Square. He’s the one to see first, if someone hopes to deal with the Bonemongers.

Disgrace Ward Roofjumpers

While the Hydra Gang was lording over the Harlequin District, lesser gangs had few options to continue their existence. Most decided to kowtow to the Hydra. Some  chose to fight and of those, very few were not overwhelmed. The last option was to get out-of-the-way and that is what the Roofjumpers have done, with style.

They got to the roofs, only going down on the few profitable occasion, on a hit-and-run kind of way. They also gained a reputation as heroes of the people because they steal almost exclusively from other gangs

To help them, they use some minor magic like  Feather Fall, Jump, Levitate and such.



The Roofjumpers don’t care much about leaving their elevated turf, even if the main reason to be there doesn’t exist anymore. They do have an incentive to let it go though, as they are more and more the target of brutal attacks from gargoyles coming over from the Folly.

Gang Activities

  • Theft at knifepoint (target other gangs)
  • Burglary
  • Kidnapping for ransom
  • Fence

Most Noteworthy members

Corniche (leader: elf, female) Having worked alone as a vigilante for a long time, Corniche isn’t quite sure how she became the leader of the roofjumpers. She never burdened herself with friendship or any association before. The dour elf is very strict on whom to let in but those that pass the many tests learn that Corniche really cares about them.

Haybale (human, male) A fearless acrobat, Haybale is way more cautious when it comes to putting other people in dangerous situations. He no longer have the responsability of testing the rookies with daredevil stunts because, reportedly, he’s too soft on them. He does not miss it, he’s seen enough broken legs for a lifetime.

Pigeon (ghoul, male) Ugly, even for a ghoul, Pigeon had few friends except his beloved birds before he was befriended by Haybale. He’s now an indispensable member of the roofjumpers, providing the gang with dozens of flying onlookers. His reports had saved them from disaster more than a few times.

Tightrope Paruk (goblin) The ageing goblin is not seen in precarious balance between two buildings  anymore but he still boasts of his exploits before the time of magical assistance. Tattoos are for pussies, right?

Tightrope Paruk knows the City above better than anyone else and, being a bit voyeur, has seen quite a few interesting things that he doesn’t mind to share.

Blue Scarf (elf, male) His visage hidden, keeping his true name to himself, it’s obvious that the elf known as Blue Scarf is fleeing from his past. Sometimes, despite his best efforts at slang speech, his language betrays his noble, sheltered upbringing from the Enclave.

The 4th Tyrant’s Harbingers

One of the fastest growing gang, the Harbingers await fervently the coming of the next Tyrant (the last one died a century ago). The leader of the Harbingers claims he met him on Detention Island, that he was asked to spread the word and recruit loyal followers. While many doubt such outlandish claims, the thing is, there’s no shortage of people who hope for a Tyrant ruling the city. At least there would be some type of Order…



Going on its momentum, the Harbingers have now two cliques under its tutelage: the Vanguard and the Loyalists. This and the fact they make no secret of “converting” the Harlequin District to the cause of the 4th Tyrant means that sooner than later, the Harbingers will clash with other factions.

Gang activities

  • rallies for the 4th Tyrant
  • protection racket
  • extortion>>fundraising
  • propaganda

Most noteworthy members

 Akhram the Unworthy (leader, human male) Another ex-mawcaptain of the Hydra turned gang leader, Akhram returned last year from Detention Island where he purged ten years for the murder of a citizen. He returned from this hellish prison a changed man, a man with a cause. He does insist, with tears in eyes, on how unworthy he is of such trust put on him by his secluded master (if indeed he’s real), but at least for now, it’s clear that he is the leader of the Harbingers.

Zar’Enoch (hobgoblin male) An old friend of the Unworthy, Zar-Enoch is the one who’ve designed the appearance of the Harbingers, with black boots, red sash and all. He’s got flair aplenty, but don’t let his dandy manners fools you. He’s a legit street fighter, many a bone his fist-cane has broken.


Necessary Evil (ghoul female) The enigmatic black-clad ghoul, always half-engulfed in shadows (no matter the lighting) has got out of Detention Island side by side with the Unworthy. She rarely leave the vicinity of the latter and sometimes whisper to his ear. When she does, he always seems intent on listening.

One-Eye Suboto (human male) The gang wouldn’t be half as numerous as it is if it wasn’t for One-Eye’s efforts in recruiting. The scarred man in his fifties knows how to weave stories of greatness, depicting the hoodlums as death-defying heroes with eternal renown.

Dusk (dwarf male) Until recently Dusk was a Night Sentry, a special warrior of the Light, fighting evil creatures lurking in the dark of night. Years of vigilance and hardship have left him weary and praying for a miracle. While he listened to a public speech from the Unworthy, he became convinced that the City needed the firm hand of a Tyrant if it is to survive.

The Furniture Mishandling Club

ec79677462d55591972cc5f6776ce7f3Les bahuts, monsieur, répliqua l’architecte, les bahuts, meuble obligé d’une maison moyen âge ! Le moyen âge et le bahut sont inséparables ! Le bahut, madame, ajouta-t-il, en se tournant vers Malvina, le bahut, c’est le coffre au linge, l’armoire à glace, la commode, le secrétaire de nos aïeux. Le bahut et le prie-dieu, voilà la grande ébénisterie du xive siècle !  (Louis ReybaudJérôme Paturot, 1842)

The  FMC is another gang of the Harlequin, one decidedly more eccentric. They are known far and wide for their love of barricade building and their signature magic ability to cast animate object on, well, any furniture they pu their hands on. They can even create furniture golems!



The FMC is a lot about gratuitous mayhem but they also have a knack for extortion (they’ve emptied a great many houses). They now have under their control three sub-precincts, delimited with their infamous barricades.

One of their particularly impressive wall of furniture is purely defensive. The FMC blocked the gate leading to the Kwag Slums, to prevent an invasion on their eastern side by those crazy Kwaggers.


Gang Activities

  • extortion
  • intimidation
  • thieving
  • beating
  • reselling
  • tax to enter territory
  • cut from woodcraft’s guild

Most Noteworthy members

King Bahut (leader, dwarf)

The grizzled leader of the FMC was a member of the Resistance who fought against the Third Tyrant a century ago. It seems like he developped an obsession of barricades from this bloody era. He’s quite the brilliant guerilla tactician but he’s not entirely sane. He’s often found sitting on a gigantic, damaged throne that moves around.

Master Stool (dwarf)

A dwarf martial artist, he still laugh like a devil when he succeeds in tripping an opponent over  an animated stool with an adroit push of his quarterstaff, even after so many times.

Chairman Lookup (goblin)

Almost always on top of a barricade, the so-called Chairman loves to throw things from above. Chairs, bricks, rocks, nets, dead rats; he always prepare a good stash of ammos. He has a monkey pet that have strange, evil-looking eyes.

Maatelaah, Queen (of the) Bed (hobgoblin female)

When she’s not expertly directing the building of yet another pile of furniture, “Queen” Maatelaah loves to terrorize the neighborhood with a bunch of thugs, snatching anything she wants, the animated bed following her dutifully serving as transport.

Captain Chiffonnier (human male)

The pedantic “Captain” Chiffonier has a much profitable business relation with the woodcrafting’ s guild. Taking away so much furniture from the people in the vicinity of the FMC also creates a need and such an unscrupulous fellow as Chiffonier wants what he thinks is his due.