Northwall Creepers

Here's a little niche for a nature and druidy-themed gang. The northern border of the Harlequin district is delimited unambiguously by the high walls of the elven Enclave. These 60' walls are almost entirely covered by vines and lichens, purposefully put there by the elves for their dangerous (and often, magical) qualities. It would be very … Continue reading Northwall Creepers

Hidden Atrium Masks

Actors, singers, acrobats, storytellers, street performers of all kind have united under the Hidden Atrium Masks! Disgruntled of having to pay taxes and be bullied by gangsters, these ex street entertainers  have banded together and formed their own gang.  The lower echelons are still mostly that, entertainers,  boosting the sales of affiliated merchants with their … Continue reading Hidden Atrium Masks

Marfark Street Mumblers

This gang has learned over time to achieve very good coordination, helped with efficient (and discrete) communication with their magical face scarves. A few years ago, some young hoodlums from Marfark Street found (stole) a crate surprisingly light. Its content was unusual: plenty of well-woven scarves. A waste of their time or so they tought … Continue reading Marfark Street Mumblers

Nihil Square Bonemongers

A necromancy-themed gang! Yay! The Nihil Square is a really bad place, it looks like the dumpyard of Hell after a tempest. And the fact that the old Tower of Bones rises at the center, the only structure around not on the brink of crumbling, doesn't help the reputation of the place. The Nihil Square, once an open area, is now … Continue reading Nihil Square Bonemongers

The Furniture Mishandling Club

Les bahuts, monsieur, répliqua l’architecte, les bahuts, meuble obligé d’une maison moyen âge ! Le moyen âge et le bahut sont inséparables ! Le bahut, madame, ajouta-t-il, en se tournant vers Malvina, le bahut, c’est le coffre au linge, l’armoire à glace, la commode, le secrétaire de nos aïeux. Le bahut et le prie-dieu, voilà la grande ébénisterie du xive siècle ! — (Louis Reybaud, Jérôme Paturot, 1842) The  FMC is … Continue reading The Furniture Mishandling Club