Les aventures d’Isaac – VII

Les aventures d’Isaac se poursuivent, mais maintenant c’est lui-même qui dirige le déroulement de l’histoire! Ce que je trouve fascinant c’est le fait que je reconnais souvent des parties de sessions de D&D auquel il a assisté mais aussi, il y a bel et bien des créations purement de lui!

Dernièrement, moi et Edmond explorons un donjon et, il y a beaucoup, beaucoup de zombies. Et disons que les zombies d’Isaac ne sont pas toujours très zombiesques! La preuve, l’un d’eux est notre ami. Et puis, il y a eu aussi cet incident:


Isaac: Il y a un autre zombie plus loin.

D: Je lui tire une flèche.

I: Ouch!

D: Il parle lui aussi!

I: Oui. Mais c’est un méchant et il est nono lui. Il est tombé dans la potion magique et maintenant il est comme ça.

D:Oh. Ok. Je lui tire une autre flèche!

I: Ouch! Qu’est-ce tu fais là toi?

Autre idée originale d’Isaac: Un corridor couvert d’un tapis. Le tapis ondule. Il y a quelque chose se déplaçant en-dessous!

Session 17 – Cave Tunnel


  • Anfi (level 2), Locathah Fighter, Outlander; medicinal herbs collector, wants to see how is life above water
  • Edmond, Muck Dweller; friendly creature that Anfi saved from being cut to pieces by giant crabs

My son Isaac, after having a taste of D&D as he played the powerful Shield Guardian Vorn wanted to play a « true » character, even if it meant being much weaker. He even selected a mini from my stash in advance. I was pretty happy that he chose a Locathah (a fish-folk), a rather unusual and interesting pick. Here’s the recap of the session I did with him, with his younger brother playing as his enthusiast sidekick.

Making a Friend (1)

Fresh out of the sea Anfi could spot a Muck Dweller cornered by Giant Crabs. Sympathetic to the amphibian’s fate, Anfi intervened and killed some of the Giant Crabs, the others skittered away.


Entrance to Another World

With his new friend in tow, Anfi entered the large cave that, as he’d been told, led to Another World. The first creature encountered was familiar enough to the Locatah, a Moray Eel was trapped in a shallow pool. A few stabs of Anfi’ spear were enough to kill it. (2)


Dead Pirates

Further ahead, along the inundated cave, a decrepit rowboat floated upside down with other flotsam nearby. Anfi decided to investigate and as he approached, 3 dead pirates surfaced with rusted sabers in skeletal hands. This time Anfi and his companion got a few wounds before dispatching their opponents. Anfi found a good dagger and some equipment. (3)

Snake Attack

Now on dry land, they advanced along a narrower part of the cave when suddenly, snake attack! The Muck Dweller was fast to react and put a fierce bite on the snake, which chose to retreat hastily in the hole it came from. (4)

Too many Cockroaches

After a brief rest, the 2 amphibians continued their subteraean journey. The stench of bat guano was overwhelming now and the ground was swarming with vermins. The Cockroach Queen led a throng of its subjects to the assault. The Muck Dweller gorged itself on the insects and Anfi stabbed the Queen, killing it, but the cockroaches kept coming nonetheless. Finally Anfi had enough and fled some distance to safety. (5)

DM’s Notes

  1. That way Edmond could roll dice and play with us!
  2. Isaac chose combat but we can’t fault him too much for that…
  3. Isaac wasn’t very eager to approach, in fact, I think he tought that he was expected to and did as much. I have to remind him that he can do whatever he really wants.
  4. Isaac kept asking if they would see the snake afterward, as if it’s unfinished business…
  5. I had one essential lesson in mind for this encounter: don’t fight every time!

Isaac’s adventures VI

We’ve defeated the third Evil Ninja Boss in an epic mecha fight. The ENB used a giant serpent-robot that threathened to crush us in its coils but we had the perfect counter, with our patented hedgehog defense!

The next ENB can be found in a hotel (I think Isaac has only a vague idea of what is an hotel ha! ha!) and has a peculiar « power », his left arm is mechanical and he can remove his thumb, which is in fact a mini-bomb, so that he can throw it and blast his enemies!


But NukeThumb-Guy, after we’ve killed all his minions, doesn’t go nuclear on us but choose instead to parley.

How about One million dollars to let him live?


My son: « One million dollars and two diamonds. Two big diamonds! »

Not too bad for a day’s work, my corruptible son, not too bad…


Isaac’s adventures V

For the last few weeks the main theme  (that my son came up with), has been Ninja & Robots. I mean… that’s pretty cool, right? So, recently, we’ve defeated the Evil Ninja Boss, in his lair, which was basically a skyscraper full of his minions and,  after beating him, we’ve discovered that he was only one of 6 Big Bad Evil Bosses… Of course!

The next in line (the second weakest, ’cause that’s how it goes) is hidden in a castle.

Isaac: His special power is invisiblity.

Me: Does he have minions?

Isaac: Yes, 800 of them!

Me: That’s a lot!

Isaac: And all of them can turn invisible. Except one…

Me: *sputters coffee* Except one?! How’s that?

Isaac: Because he’s the weakest of the 800. He wasn’t always the weakest but his whole team (of wimpy dudes) got killed  except him. Now, he stands guard for the rare treasures.

Me: He’s alone to guard the rare treasures?

Isaac: Yes. He would like to be the strongest but he’s the weakest…

Me: My son, that’s what we call the weakest link!

Isaac’s adventures IV

We’d just defeated a dragon and our next foe is…

Isaac: A butterfly!

Me: Really, a butterfly!?

Isaac: A Giant butterfly.

Me: Okay… What does it do?

Isaac: Poison. And it got lots of blades *mimes slashing*, it’s a robot butterfly!

Me: Oi!

Isaac: Also, it’s surrounded by (non-robot) butterflies and it can control people too!

Damn, that’s one badass butterfly!

Isaac’s adventures- II


Me: You’ve reached the Rock Pillar, in the middle of the desert. There’s a giant two-headed vulture perched on the summit. It takes to the air and descend on you! What do you do?

My son: Vultures eat dead meat, dad… It won’t eat me!

Me: Yy-yer right! (whenever Isaac comes up with something, I try to go with it) It approaches, still in the air, its two heads start bickering:

Head # 1: Ya see, I told ya, the flightless is not nearly dead!

Head # 2: Just wait a lil’ longer, maybe it’ll die and then… We’ll feast!

My son: I feel fine!

Head # 2: Crap!

Head # 1: See ya next time!

Isaac’s adventures – I

I started something with my 5 years old son a couple of months ago. Each morning I walk him to school and we have a really good time together, chatting and all. And so, somewhere along the way I began telling him stories. Fantasy stuff. And oh boy! that’s the fun part, he fully goes at it and tell parts of his own. He’s amazingly good at it too. Now he asks for it every day and- I’m stuck with it not always in the mood- but he likes it  sooooo very much!

Of course, he’s a bit young and he doesn’t quite grasp what are the hmm… proper conventions of the genre… That leads to some funny bits.

  • Me: There’s a stair, made of stone, covered in dust. It’s going down and we can’t see very far, it’s very dark. What are we gonna do?
  • My son: I have a flashlight!

  • Me: The thief is going away with the labyrinth’s trophy! He’s very nimble and fast. How do we catch him?
  • My son: We take the car, we’ll be faster!
  • Me:`Oh! We have a car!
  • My son: Yes. And a driving license.
  • Me: Ha! We need a driving license?
  • My son: Yes daddy. If we want to drive the car we need a driving license.
  • Me: Uh ok! Makes sense.

    We’re talking about what else to add to our grand castle:

  • Me: We need a large banquet room. So we can invite a lot of people and serve them a lot of good food.
  • My son: Yes. And also there’s a mcdonald right next to the castle!

  • Me: There’s a door, with a message scribbled on it. It says: beware trespassers, great dangers awaits you ahead.
  • My son: …
  • Me: Probably traps and monsters, huh?
  • My son: It’s too dangerous daddy, let’s go elsewhere.

Here’s a list of unusual friends we have made while adventuring:

jumping spider eyes 9

  • giant spiders, ensnare our foes with their webs
  • a giant, intelligent lobster
  • a three-headed dragon
  • ogres, they were bad guys at first but we helped them out